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Record Report

Dwayne Black. 8 Hour Crossbred Lambs
Victoria Australia 22/10/05

WSSRS Referee's. Peter Artridge. Aus. (convener) Ralph Blue. Aus, Hugh McCarroll. NZ

Dwayne Black shore 519 crossbred lambs in 8 HRS to break the existing record held by Trevor Bacon, by 48 lambs, the record took place at the annual Bendgo A & P Show a major rural city in central Victoria Australia, on Saturday the 22nd of Oct 05.

The lambs shorn were supplied by the Minto Pastoral Company under the stewardship of Chris Stoney, the lambs had been weaned early in the week and due to the constant showers had been in and out of the shed for four nights to keep them dry

With cold showers through out the day the lambs had become very hollow by the end of the record, with 519 being a creditable effort

A 9am start for the 8HR record was granted to the organiser to maximise the publicity through the local TV stations, ABC rural show Land Line and show patrons.

The venue was a new and extremely large pavilion with the local shears committees four stand board erected in one corner.

A continual crowd of approximately 300 viewing the record attempt throughout the day.

Run Tally's. 131, 131, 128, 129. Total 519

Wool Weight 1.15 Kg. Rating 14.137. Rejects 4





Dwayne Black 9 Hour Merino Ewe Record
West Australia  5/04/05

WSSRS Referee's Hendrick Botha. Sth Africa, Bernie Walker. Aus. Stuart Weir. NZ.

On Tuesday the 5th of April 2005,  Dwayne Black shearing 513, broke Dion Morrell's 9HR Merino ewe record by 6.

 The record took place at Nick and Jane Trethowan�s property, 15 KMS South East of Kojonup, Western Australia.

Dwayne had made an attempt on the same record 10 days earlier but abandoned the attempt at lunch time when he got to far behind the required hourly rate required to brake the record.

 With a week of unseasonable cold weather in which 8.1/2 inch�s of rain fell on Konjonup District made this attempt difficult to prepare for as the shearing condition of the sheep was uncertain.

Dwayne�s physical fitness and mental attitude saw him overcome the problems the weather of the previous 10 days caused and went on to brake Dion's existing record with 7 minutes remaining of the nine hour day. Dwayne now holds four WSSRS Records.

Run Tally's.  112, 103, 98, 99, 101.     Total 513

Wool Weight 4.3 KG.   Rating 16.4.  Rejects 1.




Dwayne Black 9 Hour Merino Lambs Record
West Australia  3/10/04

WSSRS Referee's: Hugh McCarroll. NZ. Tony Abby. Aus. Gary Gilmore. Aus

Shearing 664 Merino lambs in a 9 Hr day Dwayne Black adds another WSSRS Record to his name. Shearing at Dick and Aubry Panazza's  Yerramullah Park property, at Badgingarra West Australia on a day when conditions appeared perfect. but turned out tougher than expected.

The day which was sunny and warm gave rise to expectations that the lambs would shear better and better as the day progressed, how ever dusty conditions required frequent cutter changes.

Dwayne received an official warning (see Record Rule's. Workmanship 11:6 a. & 11:7) after the first countout for to much wool left on. To his credit he responded and shore to the limit of his ability for a tally of 664. The same tally as his second Edsel Forde achieved on strongwool ewes in 1992 which gave Dwayne and his father Peter a great deal off satisfaction

A comment from the board referees was that the number of well intentioned people surrounding Dwayne during the attempt may have been some what oppressive. The monitoring results of Dwayne's inputs and outputs during the day by Dave Bishop from a University in Perth  will be looked forward to with interest.

 The Referee's appreciate the opportunity to referee this successful 9 hour Merino lamb record and thank Dwayne Black and his support team for their co-operation and hospitality while in Badgingarra W.A.


Dwayne, starts another merino lamb on his way to his 3rd WSSRS title

(photo by P Black)


         Dwayne Blacks Tally Sheet

Class: 9 HRS. Merino LBS Wool Wgh   1.01
3/10/2004  Yaerramulla Park   Stand One
Shearer   Dawyne Black    
Countout Tallie cuts plus 18 rating
1 41     18.00
2 39     17.25
3 38     17.00
4 40     17.00
Run 1 158     17.31
5 40     17.50
6 38     17.25
7 37   1 17.50
8 18   1 17.75
Run 2 133     17.50
9 39     17.25
10 36     16.75
11 37 1   17.00
12 19     17.50
Run 3 131     17.13
13 38     17.75
14 33 1   17.75
15 36     17.50
16 16     16.75
Run 4 123     17.44
17 34     16.75
18 32 1   17.25
19 34     17.50
20 19     17.75
Run5 119     17.31
Total 664 3 2 17.34