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3 Stand Record Holders

A report of all record attempts after 2013 along with the Referees who officiated can be found in Archives, Past Record Attempts.
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9 Hours Three Stand Record Holders

Strong Wool Lambs 9 Hour 3 stand
TALLY: 2350
NAMES: Shane Harvey 804, Peter Harvey 777, Jimmy Clark 769
LOCATION: Mt Linton Station. Ohai, New Zealand
REFEREES: Peter Black (C), Doug Oliver, Don Morrison
DATE: 30/01/06

Strong Wool Ewes 9 Hour 3 stand.
NAMES:Ricky Pivac 638, Chris Brooker 593, Dion Morrell 626
LOCATION:Clutha Downs Farm Lawrence. New Zealand
REFEREES: Harry Wells (C), Gordon Pope, Don Morrison
DATE: 25/1/1993

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8 Hour Three Stand Records

Strong Wool Ewes 8 Hour 3 Stand
NAMES:Luke Mullins 554, Eru Weeds 539, James Mack 518
LOCATION:Waitara Station, Te Pohue, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
DATE: 17/01/2017

Merino Lambs 8 Hour 3 stand.
NAMES:Ken Norman 456, Charles August 377, Patrick Mulgase 375
LOCATION:Visserdam Farm Tromsburg. South Africa
REFEREES:Mark Baldwin (C), Don Morrison, Lex Jury

Strong Wool Lambs 8 Hour 3 stand.
NAMES:Coel L’Huillier 677, Kaleb Foote 667, Daniel Langlands 632
LOCATION:Puketiti Station, Huku Road, Piopio, New Zealand.
DATE: 23/12/2019

Merino Ewe 8 Hour 3 stand.
NAMES:Beau Guelfi 461, Bob White 432, Steve Mudford 396
LOCATION:Parkdale Merino SRS Stud, Dubbo, NSW Australia.
DATE: 05/04/2014

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