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Record Report

Samuel Juba & Barrgani Joel, 2 Stand Blade 8 Hour lamb Record
South Africa 10/02/06

Referee's: Henry Bothe SA ( convenor ) Tony Abby AU. Doug Oliver NZ.

The two South African Shearers shore 460 Merino Lambs in a 8 Hour day, Samuel Juba 245 and Barrgani Joel 215, to set the first ever blade record under the World Sheep Shearing Record Society's Rules.

Samuel Juba's Tally of 245 gives him the WSSRS Blade 8 HR Merino Lamb Title.

The Records were shorn at the Victoria West Agriculture Show at Karoo, Sth Africa on the10th Feb. The even line of merino lambs were good shearing although they carried some hard material that caused their blades to gap, the quality the shearing was of a high standard.

The record was well run and, well supported by the show crowd on a hot day.