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Record Report

Darin Ford's Six Stand, 9 Hour Strong Wool Lambs
New Zealand. 11/01/05.

WSSRS Referee's. Lex Jury (convener) John Fagan, Doug Oliver, Colin Gibson, Stuart Weir, Hugh McCarroll, Paul Rose and Don Morrison

Darin Forde, Craig Anderson, Jimmy Clark, Alton Devery, Paul Rutherford and Darren Gutsell shore a combined total of 4188 lambs at Mr Richard Slee's Wairaki Station property at Blackmount Western Southland, New Zealand.

Shearing a even line of Wairaki Station's ewe lambs, with a average per head wool weight of 1.34 KGS, Darin's gang broke the existing record by 997 lambs previously set by Jeff Dorset's gang at Hautu Prison Farm Turangi New Zealand on the 18/12/91

Considering the cold wet weather prior to this record the lambs were reasonable good shearing, even though there was some light mud in the bellies and back socks. The cold overcast conditions did not deter a good crowd from attending the 5am start, with close to 1000 being in attendance at the conclusion of the record 12 hours later at 5pm

With great support being given in the way of crowd, and with the sponsorship by the rural service industry along with the work put in by the support team headed by Mr Brendon Potae, made this an extremly well run record.

The WSSRS Referee's would like to acknowledge the cooperation received during the day.

Individual Tally's

Runs 1 2 3 4 5 TOTALS
Darin Forde 165 147 147 148 150 757
Craig Anderson 155 141 138 137 137 708
Jimmy Clark 162 141 138 129 136 706
Alton Devery 154 131 128 135 139 687
Paul Rutherford 149 132 129 129 129 668
Darren Gutsell 143 124 127 132 136 662
Run Totals 928 816 807 810 827 4188