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Record Report

Jimmy Clark, Peter Harvey & Shane Harvey
9 Hour Longwool Lamb Record
30th Jan 2006

Referee's: Don Morrison, NZ. Doug Oliver, NZ. Peter Black, Aus.

Shearing a 3 stand tally of 2350, Jimmy Clark 769, Peter Harvey 777 and Shane Harvey 804 broke the existing record held by, Rodney Sutton, Bart Hadfield and Steve Stony by 417 lambs.

The 9HR Longwool Lamb record was previously held by Bart Hatfield, Steve Stony & Rod Sutton with tally of 1993 shorn at Kowhaninau NZ on the 23/12/1997.

A crowd of of some 4- 500 came to support the shearers during the day under ideal weather conditions. The Record was held at Mt Linton Station Southland New Zealand, shearing a well grown, even line of Romney Texel cross lambs from the same property, with a wool weight 1.3 KGS per head.

This was a very well run Record, with Brendon Potae ( Record Organiser ) and all the support crew giving the WSSRS Referees utmost cooperation and hospitality.

Tally Sheet

          Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5   Final  Tallys Ave        Rating      
Jimmy Clark 169 149 151 146 154   769 11.48 Grand Total Ave 3 stand Rating
Peter Harvey 169 155 152 150 151   777 11.13 2350 11.09
Shane Harvey 174 157 159 156 158   804 10.67  




Shane Harvey